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Unblock and cleanse the body’s meridians using
bio-electric energy, alkaline creams and incredible essential oils

Unblock and cleanse the body’s meridians using bio-electric energy, alkaline creams and incredible essential oils. Bio-Electric Meridian Massage is brand new to Australia and is emerging worldwide! Experience the health benefits of Bio-Electric Meridian Massage!

Dr. Barnes has trained in China and Hong Kong to be able to bring this new technology to the Sunshine Coast. 

The easiest way to explain how this works is it uses electric pulses on acupuncture points, then “dredges” the meridians by the sweeping motion using the electric current. This helps unclog blocked areas of the body that often stop the body healing, as well as a great preventative healthcare opportunity.

Many people ask me what a meridian is. A meridian is a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy and nutrients are said to flow. Think of it like this- you can dissect out all the organs of the body, the blood vessels and the nerves, but the parts in between all that are the “highways” of the body in which the nutrients, hormones, cell waste products, and liquids travel. Every cell is bathed in this highway “soup” that comprise the meridians of the body. The strongest flowing sections are condensed into lines we call the main meridians of the body. For more in-depth information, read on below.


This new technology is a combination of many traditional Chinese medical and modern Electrophysiology techniques of western medicine models. The modern world is under chronic illness and stress. Bioelectricity technology is an emerging technology functioning on clients by adjusting the operators own bioelectricity with AC. 

It combines application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Qigong, Cupping, Tuina, Gua Sha, naturopathy, chiropractic, massage), Basic TCM Theory ( wind, wet, cold, heat + five elements ) & Chinese herbal medicines. Very alkaline alfalfa cream combined with specific chinese medicine essential oils are used each massage to help balance the acidity of the body. 


Benefits include: 

  • Clearing the blockages of meridians

  • promotes blood circulation

  • activates nerve and muscle tissue

  • regulates digestive system

  • has an anti-inflammatory effect

  • has an analgesic effect

  • eliminates fatigue, improves mood

  • purify and detoxify the body


In a normal state, the cell is positively charged when we are healthy. The cell is negatively charged when we are sub-healthy. The cell is uncharged when we are sick. The alkaline creams and oils are all positively charged, while the acid metabolites (waste products) inside the cell are negatively charged. According to the principle of opposite charges attract, the positive charge outside the cell is increased, which attract the redundant negative acid ions, and excrete them to the outside of the body by blood circulation, reducing the acidity of the body. Clearing and activating meridian channels through acupuncture points further balances the health of the body. Bioelectricity is only a “stream” which can clear where it is blocked in the body when it passes through the body. It can alleviate symptoms temporarily, however, the internal cell health needs to be addressed for a resolution of symptoms. We will work with you to support your whole body’s health. 


This service is very safe when used within the guidelines of proper training. The human body already uses a voltage of 2.5V- 3V for resting meridian transfer. The DDS machine uses 8V maximum. The human body can withstand 36V, with 42V being dangerous.


Cost: $75/30 min, $105/45 min, $135/1 hr. 

Most sessions are half hour initially. Health rebates available but not on the same day as a spinal adjustment. Adjustments are charged separately.

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