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“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin

Dr. Barnes has had a stronger nutrition focus on her practice since 2005 when she sought extra training for food and herbal based nutrition healthcare. All chiropractors are trained in basic nutrition and often carry some basic supplements which is fantastic, but our goal is to go far beyond that. From a quick question to an indepth consultation, we can advise you how to care for your health naturally. 


What goes in our mouths is vital to our internal health environment. My goal is to educate you in your “natural pharmacy” so you can take control of your family’s health. Make it about healthcare, not sickcare! 


Using Mediherb, Eagle, S.A.F.E, and a few other brands of supplements, we can cover a wide range of needs. Just ask us how we can help!


Co-founded in 1986 by Associate Professor Kerry Bone, MediHerb is the first choice for health care professionals in herbal products in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Visit

Mediherb’s quality is second to none! 

With a long history in healthcare, Eagle is rightly regarded as a pioneer in the Australian 'Practitioner Only' natural health sector.


When you call for your appointment, please ask for a nutritional appointment. 

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